Kool-Tech Manuals for Group Notice and IM Scheduler

Batch Files for Managing Your Corrade Service

If your have installed Corrade as a service on Windows, then you can use the following batch files to manage the service. For example, you may need to shut down your bot temporarily so that you can log into the account through an SL viewer.
Download each of these and place them on your desktop for easy access, or anywhere else that you can get to easily.

If during installation you followed the optional steps to rename the Service to your bot's name, then you'll need to follow the SAME STEPS with EACH of these three files. That is, you will need to edit each batch file and change the line
set "_serviceName=Corrade Resident"
to use the name of your bot instead, then save the changes.

After that, just double-click one of the files to run it. You will get a pop-up asking you to let it continue.